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Great Moments in Black History: #22

James Brown performs “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud” on Playboy After Dark

Great to see James with the natural ‘do. Great to see that blond say, “Fuck it” at the 2:25 mark and get black and proud. The brunette (Asian?) to her right definitely went out and got herself some dark meat that night.


Great Moments in Black History: #21

Verb: That’s What’s Happening


Great Moments in Black History: #18

Marvin Gaye crushes it at the 1983 NBA All-Star game


Great Moments in Black History: #17

Jermaine and Fred “Boogaloo” Rogers get down

Yeah. This hip-hop thing might be around a while.


Great Moments in Black History: #16

Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura get it on.

On one hand, I celebrate the first ever interracial kiss in TV history.  On the other, Kirk macked on a green chick.  I guess in space, all bets are off.


Great Moments in Black History: #2

George Benson-Give Me The Night

So much to love about this one. The collar. The Carl Weathers mini-fro. The…wait a fucking minute. George Benson is roller-skating and playing the guitar at the same time! A classic example of something that I’ve stated numerous times: Rock Star trumps everything. Everything about George Benson in this video should, at the very least, feel dated and cheesy. But it doesn’t. It just feels fucking great.This is why—try as I might—I can’t really hate on smooth jazz radio stations. Because, I know that if I listen for more than a few songs, they’re gonna play something like this and make me want to fucking hug someone.


Great moments in Black History #1

In celebration of Black History Month–sorry, Morgan Freeman–I will be posting 28 of the greatest moments in this history of my people.  First up,  Malice in the Palace.  No, that’s not a typo.  No, I’m not being ironic.  This is legitimately a great moment in Black History because from now until the end of time white people will not throw shit at NBA players or set foot on an NBA court in anything other than a celebratory fashion.




Perfect Couples

Dear everyone with eyes,

As some of you may know, I spent the last six months of 2010 working as a staff writer on a new NBC sitcom, Perfect Couples. Unlike most of the things that I’ve worked on during my career in television, I’m actually proud of my involvement with the show. Which is why I’m doing my part to promote the series premiere this Thursday, January 20th at 8:30 on NBC.

If audiences enjoy watching it half as much as I enjoyed working on it, we’ll be golden. So, if you like TV, laughing, and/or making sure my unborn child has diapers and food and stuff…maybe check it out?


Let’s welcome Elizabeth Warren to the top 5


It’s been a while since I felt the need to shake things up on my top 5 white girls list. Like any self-respecting angry populist, Ms. Warren has been on my radar for some time now.  After her appearance on The Daily Show, I wanted her to make me some hot cocoa and further explain how she was going to make those bad men pay for locking me and my hypothetical children into a lifetime of wage slavery at the hands of Capital One, Citibank, etc. After reading this piece in the latest Rolling Stone, and this Q & A on CounterPunch, I knew it was time to give her a spot.

Also, it will now be known as the Top 5 White Women list.  Much classier; especially given the new tilt of the list towards more serious issues.  And now, the new list.

  1. Bjork – Having said that, there is very little that I take as seriously as music.
  2. Amy Goodman – The more I read, the more documentaries I watch, the more conversations I have with interesting people at random parties and events, the more I find  myself saying or thinking, “I know about that because of Amy Goodman.”  Either through her work on Democracy Now or her talks and books, I can’t think of any single person other than Noam Chomsky who has introduced me to so many national and global news stories, socio-political issues, amazing thinkers and activists, and exposed the failings and lies of so many scoundrels and scalawags.
  3. Elizabeth Warren – It’s that serious.  Getting Wall Street under control should be one of the highest priorities of every global citizen.
  4. Shiela Kuehl – Former California State Senator who introduced SB 840; legislation that would establish a state single payer health care system.  Twice, the bill passed both houses of the legislature only to be vetoed by The Governator.  Last year, Senator Mark Leno re-introduced “The California Universal Healthcare Act.” SB 810, as it is now called, was passed by the Senate in January.  Also, Kuehl played Zelda on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
  5. Ruth Jones – Co-creator, co-writer and co-star of the BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey.  My favorite performer on one of my favorite shows of recent years.  The accents can be a bit tough to penetrate, but if you can figure out what they’re saying on The Wire or in any Guy Ritchie film, you’ll be fine.

And that’s what’s occurring.


Ladies and gentlemen, North Carolina

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