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I have a love/hate relationship with Mark Cuban.  It just swung back towards the “love” direction after reading this.

Tiger Woods’ niece is a Demon Deacon. Based on that picture, I’m guessing there will be a slight increase in the male attendance at Wake Forest Women’s golf events.

I caught Style Wars at the Silent Movie Theater last night.  See it for yourself in 8 parts thanks to YouTube.

Check out Poison Fire; a mini-documentary about gas flaring in Nigeria.

Mr. Fish is razor sharp, as usual.


The Daily Show comes to Los Angeles


I’ve done The Tomorrow Show a few times.  Always a hip crowd.  Always a fun show.  This line-up for  5 bones is a can’t miss. I’ll be in Vegas celebrating our friends David and Lilliam’s 10-year anniversary, but they’re pretty damn funny too.


Because people keep asking me what I think about Sarah Palin

The fact that you or I have to waste brain cells committing that dim-witted rube’s name to memory is the smoking gun that proves how broken and insufficient the political process is in this country.  If we had anything close to an intelligent, informed populace, that Jesus-freak would have been briefly ridiculed like the village idiot that she is, and then promptly dismissed from the national stage.

What a stupid fucking country we are.



Image via Flickr user J Roc

I will always contend that my wedding was the best ever.  Having said that, I am more than willing to give it up for my man Thorny’s nuptials.

Already got the tickets for TV on the Radio’s LA show.  Might have to scoop up another poster to go with this.

Do not get high and stay up late tonight listening to this mix tape.  Because that’s what I will be doing.  Biter.

If Naomi Klein isn’t careful, she’s gonna find herself cracking my top 5. 

Via The Moth podcast, comedian Rudy Rush  tells a funny fish out of water story.  




Let’s check in on that other war, shall we?

You know.  The one that Obama thinks is the "the right battlefield."  How’s that working out?  If you’re an Afghan civilian, not so well. 

BBC News:

There is convincing evidence that 60 children and 30 adults were killed in a US air strike in western Afghanistan last Friday, the United Nations says.  

But I’m sure that once he’s elected and increases military spending and shifts more troops into Afghanistan, things there will get much, much better.  Just like they did in Iraq!



Harry Taylor, I salute you!


North Carolinaaaaa! Come on and raise up! (c) Petey Pablo


Gilbert Arenas really hates jury duty

We already know that Gilbert Arenas is a joke-stealing douche.  Turns out, he’s also a bit of dummy. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with election season.  People who pay absolutely no attention to politics for three and a half years all of a sudden feel the need to spout their dimwitted musings about the presidential race.   From a recent blog post by Agent Zero Intelligence:

The Election
I’m not into politics, but I see what’s going on in the presidential race and I’m seeing rappers make songs for Obama and Mr. McCain doing all his stuff and I’m thinking, this is getting out of control, people. Whatever happened to Democrats and Republicans? You vote for who’s who.

It’s hard for me to vote, because since I’ve been in the NBA I’ve been in the upper class so I’ve been a Republican. If you have any type of money, you’re a Republican, period. So, it’s hard because you see a better looking president in Obama – I don’t even want to say because he’s black, but he just looks the part – and then you have McCain who is Republican and I’m like, man. I know Obama is going to raise taxes on the upper class from 20-60 percent, that’s what I’m looking at. To be honest, I stopped paying attention a long time ago when it was Bush and Gore when Gore won the popular vote, but Bush was the president.

Basically, what that told me was that everybody in America voted for Gore, but somehow, Bush became president. I am confused. Obviously, our vote doesn’t really mean anything. Then you have this thing called the delegate, then you got the super delegate and then you got the hidden delegate that nobody knows about. If you’ve never heard of the hidden delegate, that’s like when you’re buying a car and they say the taxes on the car are 20 percent, and then when you look at your statement, they charge you an extra three, that’s the same thing. It’s the hidden fee delegate that nobody knows about who has all this power. They actually get to pick who they want for president. So when I start looking at it like that, that’s when I stop paying attention because at the end of the day, our votes really don’t matter. I don’t mean to be rude about it, but it seems like it doesn’t matter. If Gore wins by thousands of votes and Bush is president eight years later … come on.

There’s another reason I don’t vote – I don’t want jury duty. If you’re not registered to vote, you can’t get jury duty. I know that campaign Diddy had a couple years ago, “Vote or Die,” yeah if the alternative is jury duty, I’m going to die. I’m not going to get in one of these cases where they blow the jury members’ houses up to get out of the trial, I’m cool. I’ve seen too many movies.

For whatever president that wins, what can I tell you? Do a good job. Change the world. I remember when we were voting for class president in high school, the guy who won was the guy who said he’s going to put the vending machines in the school cafeteria. That’s who I voted for. So until I hear vending machines or lower gas prices, I’m not voting. As soon as I hear, “Yeah, I’m going to lower gas prices,” then you got me, I’ll sit in jury duty.  

This is coming from a guy who spent 2 years in college…kind of, lives in our nation’s capital, is a multi-millionaire, and only works for 7 months out of the year.  Scary. 



The Daily Show: Rappers or Republicans

Another strong segment from Wyatt. 



The Real News Network follows the money on FISA

 Turns out the boy wonder was bought and paid for to the tune of $205,795.  That’s a lot of change.



Bullshit we can believe in





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