Winston-Salem area MCs must be pissed

Vexing for multiple reasons. As the title suggests, my mind immediately goes to the struggling MCs in the greater Winston-Salem, NC area. You’re relaxing on the couch after a long, hard day of real keeping. You turn on the news and see this shit. Really, WXII? You couldn’t at least give Jenny some money out of petty cash to pay for a ghost writer? But white people making awful hip-hop related decisions is neither new nor shocking. What I’m genuinely surprised by is just how bad she is. It’s 2009. You’d think that by now the words, sounds, and affectations of hip-hop would have permeated white culture enough for this chick to be able to cobble together some rudimentary lyrics. It’s like she doesn’t even understand the basic concept of a rhyme scheme.

I blame Fergie.

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