ESPN’s True Hoop tells Leandro Barbosa’s story.

One of my daily must-reads is ESPN’s excellent NBA blog TrueHoop by Henry Abbott. They’re currently running a piece detailing Brazilian sensation Leandro Barbosa’s journey to the NBA. Canadian writer Gregory Dole recounts the tale of escorting Barbosa to the US for his round of workouts with NBA teams. Apparently, Dole saw Barbosa’s on a Brazilian basketball mix tape and knew he was an NBA caliber player the moment he laid eyes on him; which is pretty much how the rest of the basketball world felt once they saw him in a Phoenix Suns uniform.

Here’s a taste from part 1 of Rolling with Barbosa:

However buried deep in the goof’s mixtape is a guard who is off the charts. The player’s skill seems almost unbelievable, like a legend of street basketball. I can’t really begin to describe it other than to say that he is off the charts. Off the charts and from some unknown universe. An alien basketball lifeform, unlike anything I have never seen before.

Like all Lakers fans, I’ve seen exactly what he can do in the playoffs for the past two years. If you haven’t had the pleasure, here’s a little taste of what The Brazilian Blur is like on the basketball court.

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  1. 1 fullcourt May 18th, 2007 at 4:00 am

    Greetings fellow NBA fan! Leandro is indeed fast. But what intrigues me most is his journey towards the NBA and his development. The fact that he wasn’t “Superstar” material in Brazil, yet comes to the NBA and scores 17 ppg off the bench makes me wonder. How did he develop those kinds of skills? How come it only came out now? Who would have thought he would be able to do it? It’s a miracle that he developed like that. It really makes me wonder. Another is that he was able to move from his Brazilian lifestyle and make it to the NBA where the quality of his living has probably multiplied by 100000x. It’s a dream come true. He got some LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY breaks to be able to be where he is now, all the way from South America to be playing for the Phoenix Suns.


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