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  1. 1 testies Apr 10th, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    He wears an oxygen tank on most shows, its the morning, the other friend started the talk, and we all know don imus is a racisst he loves country music…

    That doesnt meen he should be fired for that……. He should be fired for the comment he made back 4 months ago abo the muslims. He should be fired for comments he made about chinese people 4 months before that.

    But hey these race groups arent lucky to have such an important figure in there ranks. Al sharpton.

    What im saying if any of you have even watched don imus in the morning which is 3am my time hawaii, you would know he was a racisist and would of taken him off years ago…

    But since this is your only standing point, get more evidence then take a stand…..
    the word nappy headed ho appears more than 45 times every 6 hrs on BET but hey no one cares, THen the channel switches to Church hour at the early hours and they are asking for money so tell me what the fuck is up..

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