Kristi Yamaoka is a soldier.

Tony and Mike gave a shout out to this Southern Illinois University cheerleader last week on the one year anniversary of this accident. Dwayne Wade, I’m looking at you.

I remember a Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel report that said cheerleading was the leading cause of serious injuries for female athletes in high school and college. When you’re throwing tiny little demi-women twenty feet into the air, I can see why. Oh yeah. Guess who’s back on the squad this year? That’s right. Kristi “Nails” Yamaoka. Too bad she’s out there cheering on all those Black people, right Kenneth Eng?

You idiot.

Did you know?
Black female astronaut Joan E. Higginbotham is also a proud Saluki?

Sisters in space!

Did you know?
There are Black people named Higginbotham?

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