Black comedians form like Voltron.

And with that blog entry title, I’ve just written 1/10,000th of a Ghostface song.

My man Maronzio “Macaroni” Vance put together an end of Black History Month show at The Improv. I don’t think that people realize how many really funny black comics there are in this town who don’t do what people consider to be stereotypically “urban” stuff. This is the most fun I’ve had being a part of a comedy show for a long time.

Maronzio.  Kind of. Maronzio Me. Wyatt The Redd man. Non-threatening Negro comedians form like Voltron. A satisfied customer. I can't pose for shit. Hugh didn't get the memo. Wyatt's jacket.  Thrift store steal of the century Pedo y su madre.

Thanks to the internets, you can see more of these fine gentlemen in various and sundry places.

Here’s Maronzio performing at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Here’s a previous entry featuring Wyatt Cenac as Barack Obama.

Here’s Jasper Redd telling you about the tour he’s on right now. And here he is again on Comedy Central.

Here’s Pedro Hernandez standing up. And starring in a new reality show.

And here’s a funny QVC clip put together by Hugh Moore.

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