A nice Freaks and Geeks tidbit.


Like anyone who has remotely any taste, I was a huge fan of the brilliant but cancelled NBC show Freaks and Geeks. Set in suburban Michigan in 1980, the show flew in the face of convention and presented an honest, unglamorous look at the world of high school. Everyone that I know who watched the show absolutely loved it. NBC, however, didn’t love it and the show got the ax after only one season.

Show creator Paul Feig has put the original show bible up on his website. If you’re a fan of the show, it makes for some interesting reading. Even if you haven’t seen the show, reading this bible gives you a good sense of how much thought goes into creating a television show.

Do yourself a favor and surf on over to Amazon or Netflix and treat yourself. If you get around to watching the show, pay special attention to my personal favorite episode Chokin’ and Tokin’. It’s episode 12 and it contains my all time favorite portrayal of someone under the effects of marijuana. The folks at the Emmy awards needs to send Linda Cardellini a statue.

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