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Image via Flickr user Nrbelex

Dwayne Perkins was one of the first people I met when I started doing stand-up in LA.  He’s one of the nicest people in this town, and he’s one of Rolling Stone’s 5 comics to watch.

This catch by Morgan State’s Edwin Baptiste is great because it’s just amazing to watch, and it also validates the theory held by my wife and I.  Namely, that athletes are more likely to have memorable names than the average person.

Former NBA player Jon Bender helps rebuild New Orleans.

Mission accomplished…for Osama bin Laden.

Given the Palin problem, now might be a good idea to (re)-familiarize yourself with Thomas Eagleton.


Because people keep asking me what I think about Sarah Palin

The fact that you or I have to waste brain cells committing that dim-witted rube’s name to memory is the smoking gun that proves how broken and insufficient the political process is in this country.  If we had anything close to an intelligent, informed populace, that Jesus-freak would have been briefly ridiculed like the village idiot that she is, and then promptly dismissed from the national stage.

What a stupid fucking country we are.

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