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Podcasting with MaxFun

On this episode, we talk about the cinematic mind-fuck that is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. the effect that Wesley Snipes has on the panties of older ladies, and The Dancing Plague of 1518.

Go get it, here!


Klingon war cock

JordanUncle Jesse


Or, more Nick Adams on Jordan, Jesse, Go!



Image via Flickr user J Roc

I will always contend that my wedding was the best ever.  Having said that, I am more than willing to give it up for my man Thorny’s nuptials.

Already got the tickets for TV on the Radio’s LA show.  Might have to scoop up another poster to go with this.

Do not get high and stay up late tonight listening to this mix tape.  Because that’s what I will be doing.  Biter.

If Naomi Klein isn’t careful, she’s gonna find herself cracking my top 5. 

Via The Moth podcast, comedian Rudy Rush  tells a funny fish out of water story.  



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