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The Daily Show comes to Los Angeles


I’ve done The Tomorrow Show a few times.  Always a hip crowd.  Always a fun show.  This line-up for  5 bones is a can’t miss. I’ll be in Vegas celebrating our friends David and Lilliam’s 10-year anniversary, but they’re pretty damn funny too.


Keep it up, Jessica!

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Baltimore comes to Maui


I’m walking through Lahaina yesterday with my wife and mother-in-law  when I see David Simon approaching.

I’m thinking, "I have to say something."  So as he’s passing by, I lean in a bit and say, "Thank you, sir."

Nothing.  No acknowledgment at all.  He just ice grills me like Chris Parlow.  We keep walking in opposite directions. He’s looking back at me like a crazy person, and I’m thinking, "Great.  I creeped him out."

Then, he finally says, " Thanks for what?"

"For the show."

He and his wife both throw up their hands, smile and say, "Oh!  You’re welcome!"

Fuck the excellent snorkeling.  Fuck the rum-filled smoothies.  Fuck the amazing seafood.  That made my vacation.



The Daily Show: Rappers or Republicans

Another strong segment from Wyatt. 



The Daily Fix Mix

Inspired by my time working on the first music blog for television.



The Daily Fix Mix


Wyatt Cenac’s Daily Show debut

One more smart, funny Black face on TV.  One less smart, funny Black comic in LA taking stage time away from me.  I’d say this is win-win. Great start, Wyatt!




My last post about The Wire ever. I promise*

The good people over at literary webzine Please Don’t decided to put together a symposium on The Wire and they were kind enough to ask me to participate. Good looking out, Thorny

We posted a call: 500 words on your favorite scene of The Wire. We felt it was important that the pieces be brief and focused like the scenes they honor and that a variety of voices be heard. In both, we hope to pay a sort of homage.

The responses we got were enthusiastic, insightful, and are compiled below. Just one caveat—this is an exercise in spoilers. You really shouldn’t read on if you haven’t watched the show in its entirety.

I can’t think of a better way to waste the last 30 minutes of your workday while you pretend  to be doing something productive.  Check it out


*Riiiiight. (c) Bill Cosby


Wax Poetics on Current TV

I have to confess that I never really watched Current before I started working on The Daily Fix. This pod is a good example of the kind of short form, "citizen journalism" that the network features. 



Baltimore 90210

From Cynpsis

Leading the cast of The CW’s Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff series will be Tristan Wilds as Dixon Mills, son of a prominent Beverly Hills family, reports THR. Shenae Grimes plays his sister Annie. Also cast is Michael Steger as the high schools noted politician.

How great would it be if the producers created a back story where somehow Michael ends up living fat in Beverly Hills a la The Fresh Prince?  Can you imagine how thoroughly he would run the school after being in charge of a drug corner? Let Donna graduate?  Let that bitch get out on the street  and get my money!



I have the legs of a much, much thinner man


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