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View from the stage: Ha-Ha Hell @ R Bar

 Fun crowd.  Good set.  New (ish) material that went over well.  Plus, R Bar has Smithwick’s. 

And now, the view from the audience. 

 Yeah.  It was that kind of show.




I know the flyer is creepy, but the lineup is great



View from the stage: Josh Fadem’s Acid Reflux Hour

Where: Josh Fadem‘s Acid Reflux Hour

When: Sunday, July 6th, 2008




A while back, I had the good fortune to sit down and talk with one of my favorite comics, Franklyn Ajaye.  I also had the even gooder fortune of being paid to do it.  Franklyn is known to most people from his starring role in Car Wash and scene stealing turns in movies like Stir Crazy.  Check out the April/May issue of Wax Poetics to read "High Art:  Franklyn Ajaye blazes a trail for serious comedy."



Stand-Up Spotlight @ UCB

Stand-Up Spotlight

UCBTLA is proud to present an evening of stand up from some of LA’s best up and coming comedians: Wyatt Cenac and Ian Edwards.

Wyatt Cenac is a comedian who used to write for King of the Hill, but he’s done a bunch more stuff you’ve probably never seen or will never see. He did anonymous punch up work for Blades of Glory which maybe you saw that. But he also punched up a shitty Alvin & the Chipmunks video game for the PSP which you’ll probably never play. Remember the Midnightly News? It was a Daily Show knock-off, where Wyatt got to hang out at white supremacist Tom Metzger’s house. Remember it now? You shouldn’t. It never aired. Wyatt was a bouncer at a bar, but you probably never noticed when he tried to throw you out. He has a deal with, but it’s “on ice for the moment.” So who knows when that will see the light of day. He’s also in a pilot for HBO with Kanye West… maybe you’ll get to see that. But don’t hold your breath.

Ian Edwards was born in England and has lived in Jamaica, New York, and California. When he was 21, he stopped working the drive thru at Burger King to try his hand at comedy. Since then he’s appeared on Def Comedy Jam (twice), Show Time at the Apollo, Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He’s written for Saturday Night Live, the Lyricist Lounge show on MTV, The Boondocks for the Cartoon Network and was a cast member on Punk’d.

UCB Stand Up Spotlight: Ian Edwards & Wyatt Cenac
Friday Aug 31 @ 9:30 PM
Upright Citizens Brigade
5919 Franklin Ave (90028)

[click for reservations]


Calavera Comedy this Friday



Gilbert Arenas: Asshole

A week or so ago, Gilbert Arenas posted an observation about shark attacks on his blog. The crux of the post was that there are no such things as shark attacks because they all happen in the water, which is the shark’s domain. Initially, everyone remarked about how it was kind of an old premise that he was trying to pass off as a new observation. Turns out, it’s worse than that. Arenas was finally forced to admit that he stole the joke from comedian Ian Edwards. Arenas is a smart guy, so I was expecting a candid, honest mea culpa. Instead, here’s what Agent Zero had to say.

Listen, nobody even heard of Ian Edwards before me. He’s no Chris Rock. I helped him become famous. Now everybody is going to YouTube and looking him up.

The joke was worth about $7 when I heard it, now that I’ve used it’s probably worth a little bit more. I’ll sell it back to him for $7.78. Seventy-eight cents, Ian, you can put that in a royalties check made out to me.

Puffy and Ashanti made careers out of stealing other people’s beats. This is America, the land of the reused.

If you think about it, nothing is original. Every joke has been retold at some point. What I did was recycle a new joke instead of waiting for it to get old. It was too funny not to. I mean, at least I picked a good joke, right? It’s not like it was some lame, “Yo momma” joke.

It’s one thing to steal someone else’s joke. (And that’s what you did, Gilbert. You stole it.) It’s an entirely different level of assholery to then defend said thievery with this lame explanation.

Here’s Ian Edwards performing that very bit on Conan.


The SoftLightes want to take you to prom

Honestly…my one and only prom experience was so awful, I don’t even like thinking about it. There’s no way I’d get gussied up for this, but if I wasn’t performing twice this Saturday, I would definitely be in the house.


Usually the wife and I are all over any chance to see The SoftLightes. But for me to go I would have to sandwich it in between doing a semi-corporate gig in Playa Del Rey and then doing a set at The Tomorrow Show.

It’s a shame. This one looks like it might get out of hand.


Patton Oswalt on KFC


Patton Oswalt is one of the funniest comics working today. This is the opening joke from his 2006 CD, Werewolves and Lollipops. A lot of comics could have–and did, I’m sure–come up with this premise, but only Oswalt could have come up with the phrase “failure pile in a sadness bowl.”

Bonus P.O. goodness! The Sound of Young America points us to Patton’s blog, where he ruminates on the end of his day job as Spence on The King of Queens.


The Kims of Comedy

Kims of Comedy

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