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Well played, Onion

God knows I’ve had this argument on many occasions.

Donald Fagen Defends Steely Dan To Friends

NEW YORK—While having drinks with friends at a local bar Monday, Donald Fagen, 60, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and cofounder of the multiplatinum-selling American rock band Steely Dan, was once again forced to defend his appreciation for the multiplatinum-selling American rock band Steely Dan.

“Look, I understand. It’s an acquired taste,” Fagen said after putting his group’s 1978 hit “Deacon Blues” on the bar’s jukebox. “I wasn’t that into it at first, either. But when you really listen to the unbelievable production values and the wry, perfectly crafted lyrics—it’s just great art, okay? You should definitely give ‘the Dan’ a shot.”

Very funny, guys.  But you can’t front on this:


Calavera Comedy tonight!


David Simon on The Colbert Report

Two of my favorite people making with the funny. Good stuff.


Sitting in on Jordon, Jesse, Go!

I had the pleasure of being the first return guest in the esteemed history of the podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go!  If you like old timey baseball lingo, Nebraska, and Queen Latifah, then this is the show for you.  Give it a listen right over here.  Who you calling a bitch?


View from the stage: The Tomorrow Show

Despite the reaction of the gentlemen in the lower left, I had a good set.  It was damn near 2 AM by the time I got on stage.  That guy looks like he’s ready for bed.


Tic-Tac-Toe means I hit three in a row (c) Grand Puba





The Daily Show comes to Los Angeles


I’ve done The Tomorrow Show a few times.  Always a hip crowd.  Always a fun show.  This line-up for  5 bones is a can’t miss. I’ll be in Vegas celebrating our friends David and Lilliam’s 10-year anniversary, but they’re pretty damn funny too.



Image via Flickr user J Roc

I will always contend that my wedding was the best ever.  Having said that, I am more than willing to give it up for my man Thorny’s nuptials.

Already got the tickets for TV on the Radio’s LA show.  Might have to scoop up another poster to go with this.

Do not get high and stay up late tonight listening to this mix tape.  Because that’s what I will be doing.  Biter.

If Naomi Klein isn’t careful, she’s gonna find herself cracking my top 5. 

Via The Moth podcast, comedian Rudy Rush  tells a funny fish out of water story.  




High Art: Franklyn Ajaye blazes a trail for serious comedy

My Wax Poetics interview with Frankyln Ajaye: 

 Watching the women’s 20K race walking during the Olympics reminded me of Franklyn’s bit about "taking last at the Olympics." Thank the flying spaghetti monster for YouTube. 



Jasper Redd presents: Welcome to Mercury


Image via Flickr user TopTechWriter.US

Friend and fellow comic Jasper Redd has thrown his hat into the mixtape ring.  A while back, he beamed this one into my inbox. You can download or stream Welcome to Mercury: The Prequel here. I’ve been the recipient of Reddbone’s musical generosity on many occasions.  I can promise that you will not be disappointed.


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