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Let’s welcome Elizabeth Warren to the top 5


It’s been a while since I felt the need to shake things up on my top 5 white girls list. Like any self-respecting angry populist, Ms. Warren has been on my radar for some time now.  After her appearance on The Daily Show, I wanted her to make me some hot cocoa and further explain how she was going to make those bad men pay for locking me and my hypothetical children into a lifetime of wage slavery at the hands of Capital One, Citibank, etc. After reading this piece in the latest Rolling Stone, and this Q & A on CounterPunch, I knew it was time to give her a spot.

Also, it will now be known as the Top 5 White Women list.  Much classier; especially given the new tilt of the list towards more serious issues.  And now, the new list.

  1. Bjork – Having said that, there is very little that I take as seriously as music.
  2. Amy Goodman – The more I read, the more documentaries I watch, the more conversations I have with interesting people at random parties and events, the more I find  myself saying or thinking, “I know about that because of Amy Goodman.”  Either through her work on Democracy Now or her talks and books, I can’t think of any single person other than Noam Chomsky who has introduced me to so many national and global news stories, socio-political issues, amazing thinkers and activists, and exposed the failings and lies of so many scoundrels and scalawags.
  3. Elizabeth Warren – It’s that serious.  Getting Wall Street under control should be one of the highest priorities of every global citizen.
  4. Shiela Kuehl – Former California State Senator who introduced SB 840; legislation that would establish a state single payer health care system.  Twice, the bill passed both houses of the legislature only to be vetoed by The Governator.  Last year, Senator Mark Leno re-introduced “The California Universal Healthcare Act.” SB 810, as it is now called, was passed by the Senate in January.  Also, Kuehl played Zelda on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
  5. Ruth Jones – Co-creator, co-writer and co-star of the BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey.  My favorite performer on one of my favorite shows of recent years.  The accents can be a bit tough to penetrate, but if you can figure out what they’re saying on The Wire or in any Guy Ritchie film, you’ll be fine.

And that’s what’s occurring.


Me, in 12 Songs or Less

Here it is.  Even though Julian beat me to it. Stream it here, or download for individual tracks and liner notes.

1. “Alabama” – John Coltrane
2. ” The Lost Ones” – Ted Hawkins
3. “Your Body Makes Eyes at Me” – Arthur Prysock
4. “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)” – Maxwell
5. “Black Cow” – Steely Dan
6. “Resurrection” – Common
7. “Doomsday” – MF DOOM
8. “Who is It? – Björk
9. “Verb: That’s What’s Happening” – Bob Dorough feat. Zach Sanders
10. “Prophets of Rage” – Public Enemy
11. “Space Cowboy” – Jamiroquai
12. “Chameleon” – Herbie Hancock


All the Bjork that’s fit to print.

(Photo by Flickr user mediaeater)

NY Times reporter Jon Pareles has a nice sit down with everyone’s favorite Icelander to talk about her new album, Volta.

Also, Boing Boing has an interesting round up of some of the technology she used during her performance at Coachella last night, as well as some of the general goings on.

Finally, one of Bjork’s bandmates, Jónas Sen is keeping a Volta tour blog.

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