Rest easy, citizens of Gardena

Illustration via Phil McAndrew

Councilman Steve Bradford is on the case.  Having single-handedly done away with all crime, poverty and quality of life issues in your city, Mr. Bradford has decided to focus his attention on the evil scourge that continues to threaten society; sagging pants.  Avert your eyes, lady folk.   There are adolescent boxer shorts in plain sight! The Daily Breeze tells the tale:

Gardena city officials will discuss a proposed ordinance Tuesday to ban wearing saggy pants and allow police officers to ticket offenders.

Yes, that’s right: saggy pants – as in, pants that hang down below the waist and expose several inches of underwear or skin.

Councilman Steve Bradford introduced the ordinance, arguing that the fashion amounts to indecent exposure.

"The average young African-American or Latino who is stopped usually is profiled based on what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it," Bradford said at a recent City Council meeting.

"We can circumvent that by asking for folks to please wear their pants at a respectable level. I think it goes a long way in eliminating police contact and eliminating biases by the general public."

Or, you can circumvent that by not profiling the average young African-American or Latino because of how they’re wearing their clothing in the first place, Steve.  How about allowing those citizens the right to go about their daily lives without being harassed because of how they choose to dress? You know, the same thing you’d do for everyone else?

The first Gardena Council member who proposes an ordinance banning Steve Bradford from proposing any more idiotic ordinances will get a big fat donation from yours truly.

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