Baltimore comes to Maui


I’m walking through Lahaina yesterday with my wife and mother-in-law  when I see David Simon approaching.

I’m thinking, "I have to say something."  So as he’s passing by, I lean in a bit and say, "Thank you, sir."

Nothing.  No acknowledgment at all.  He just ice grills me like Chris Parlow.  We keep walking in opposite directions. He’s looking back at me like a crazy person, and I’m thinking, "Great.  I creeped him out."

Then, he finally says, " Thanks for what?"

"For the show."

He and his wife both throw up their hands, smile and say, "Oh!  You’re welcome!"

Fuck the excellent snorkeling.  Fuck the rum-filled smoothies.  Fuck the amazing seafood.  That made my vacation.


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  1. 1 DJK Aug 26th, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Yeah, The Wire is/was THE SHIT!!! I was sad to see it end… How great was that show???

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