Jason Whitlock is fat, stupid and blind

That headline may sound like a childish, personal attack if it weren’t so very true.  Clearly, the guy is morbidly obese.  And his idiotic proclamations about sports are approaching legendary status.  Finally, we find out why his writing is so uninformed.  He’s fucking blind. 

But there’s one issue driving improved ratings that likely won’t be touched by all the NBA talking heads on TNT and ESPN.

Tattoos. Or rather the lack of tattoos in the conference finals.

Part of the reason more people are watching these playoffs is because the average fan isn’t constantly repulsed by the appearance of most of the players on the court. Most of the key players left in the playoffs don’t look like recent prison parolees.

The only accurate way to describe Garnett, Pierce, Duncan, Allen, Manu, Parker and even Kobe is "clean cut." Yeah, there are a couple of tattoos in that group — Duncan has something on his back, Kobe still has his post-rape-allegation tat — but the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics have far less ink on average than your typical NBA franchise.

Like most of the nonsense this guy spews, this isn’t based on any evidence or facts.  It’s just his own clear distaste for tattoos projected onto the entire population of pro basketball watchers.  Obviously, anyone even remotely familiar with the rosters of the remaining  squads can  do a quick search and come up with various  examples of Kobe’s ink, KG’s ink, Chauncy Billups’ ink, Tim Duncan’s ink, or Luke Walton’s ink.   But that isn’t even necessary.  Whitlock’s idiotic thesis is refuted by the image that’s featured on the web page where his column appears.  God bless ‘Sheed.



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  1. 1 MickeyP Dec 29th, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    I viewed Jason Whitlock’s article as something of a tongue-in-cheek…but, he’s right-on. White, middle class America is tatoo-phobic and anti-hip-hop. The abhor Alan Iverson and adore Tim Duncan. They despise Rasheed, and love Tony Parker. Certainly, the NBA’s ratings have much to do with how viewers respond to marketing of the game. And with white, middle class America buying most of those cheap seat season tickets, and watching most of those television broadcasts, they play an integral part of determining how the game is marketed. If the NBA was made up of players that looked and acted liked sheed and the answer, it’d be competing with the WNBA for ratings…

  2. 2 nick.adams Dec 30th, 2008 at 12:15 am


    What both you and Whitlock miss is the fact that mainstream America is no more anti-tattoo than they are anti-apple pie. The guy you site as the antithesis of Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, has several large tattoos. White America loves him. And the ratings bonanza that occurred between my Lakers and the Celtics this Christmas contained plenty of players with ink like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Lamar Odom, Rajon Rondo and Luke Walton. Did you even read what I wrote?

    Also, memo to you and white America: Tony Parker does this in his spare time:

    Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson have each played an integral part in generating hundreds of millions of dollars, primarily for white people.

    To argue otherwise is idiotic.

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