Is this the kind of change he’s talking about?

Last week, everybody’s All-American, Barack Obama, had this to say about his foreign policy ideas.

"The truth is that my foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional bipartisan realistic policy of George Bush’s father, of John F. Kennedy, of, in some ways, Ronald Reagan."

Ummm…someone should really explain to the Senator how many people around the world were murdered either directly by the US military or indirectly as a result of our weapons or cover actions thanks to the "traditional bipartisan realistic" policy of those esteemed leaders.

Here’s an example of Reagan’s foreign policy at work. It focuses on Nicaragua, but spend a few minutes on YouTube or Google video and you can find similar news stories and documentaries about Vietnam, East Timor, El Salvador, Chile ,etc that tell the same story.  Unfortunately, what passes for a journalism in this country are inane, unimportant stories about what Obama’s preacher said, or how many idiotic Americans still think he’s a Muslim instead of substantive critique of his position on the issues. Fuck that guy.

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  1. 1 Eric Miller Apr 9th, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Form over function. Sadly Nick, nobody cares about the issues anymore.How else does “W” get re-elected and Kusinich, who made more sense than anyone, get made into a walking punch-line for admitting he saw a UFO?

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