You tell ‘em, Ms. Jocelyn!

You remember Jocelyn Elders, right?  She was US Surgeon General under our last, allegedly Democratic President.  You  know, the  one who was supposedly down with Black folks?  The last time she was in the news she was being thrown under the bus by the Clinton administration.  In 1994,  at a United Nations conference on AIDS, she was asked whether it would be appropriate to promote masturbation as a means of preventing young people from engaging in riskier forms of sexual activity.  She replied, "I think that it is a part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught." 

Next thing you know, she’s cleaning out her desk.   Apparently, the guy who was was getting sucked off by fatties in the Oval Office didn’t want the leading public health official in the country to tell people the truth.  Classy move, Bill.

Let’s hope the people at University of Arkansas School of Medicine don’t have a problem with pesky things like facts, logic and reason because Ms. Jocelyn is spitting some more hot fire.  (c) Dylan

Writing on alternet.org, she said:


The American College of Physicians is the largest medical specialty organization and the second largest physician group in the United States. Its 124,000 members are doctors specializing in internal medicine and related subspecialties, including cardiology, neurology, pulmonary disease, oncology and infectious diseases. The College publishes Annals of Internal Medicine, the most widely cited medical specialty journal in the world.

In a landmark position paper released in February, these distinguished physicians are saying what many of us have been arguing for years: Most of our laws have gotten it wrong when it comes to medical marijuana, and it’s time for public policy to get in step with science.

Bravo, Ms. Jocelyn.  If you get out to Cali, look me up.  I think I can definitely do something to help you with your glaucoma.  Or migraines.  Or back problems.  Whatever, let’s just hang out!



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  1. 1 Tony Mar 31st, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Wow, and she had one mighty fro too. I think if Obama is elected president, he should definitely grow one.

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