Thanks, Dennis

The mainstream media ignored you, except to make fun of your height, your looks, your hot wife and the UFO stuff.

The ignorant-ass American voter had no idea who you were even though your ideals are most in line with the nation as a whole.

The establishment wing of the testicle-free Democratic party colluded with the media to exclude you from debates. 

I remain hopeful that one day our country’s citizens will remove their heads from their collective asses and stop voting for people who  have demonstrated time and time again that they don’t have the best interests of the American people at heart, regardless of how much flowery rhetoric they wrap their core beliefs in.

Years from now, when president Clinton/Huckabee/Obama/McCain/Romney still hasn’t withdrawn American troops from Iraq, still hasn’t tried to bring universal health care to the one industrialized nation that doesn’t have it, still hasn’t addressed the racist, illogical war on drugs, and still hasn’t repealed NAFTA, I’ll be right in your fucking face to say, "I told you so."



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