Stand-Up Spotlight @ UCB

Stand-Up Spotlight

UCBTLA is proud to present an evening of stand up from some of LA’s best up and coming comedians: Wyatt Cenac and Ian Edwards.

Wyatt Cenac is a comedian who used to write for King of the Hill, but he’s done a bunch more stuff you’ve probably never seen or will never see. He did anonymous punch up work for Blades of Glory which maybe you saw that. But he also punched up a shitty Alvin & the Chipmunks video game for the PSP which you’ll probably never play. Remember the Midnightly News? It was a Daily Show knock-off, where Wyatt got to hang out at white supremacist Tom Metzger’s house. Remember it now? You shouldn’t. It never aired. Wyatt was a bouncer at a bar, but you probably never noticed when he tried to throw you out. He has a deal with SuperDeluxe.com, but it’s “on ice for the moment.” So who knows when that will see the light of day. He’s also in a pilot for HBO with Kanye West… maybe you’ll get to see that. But don’t hold your breath.

Ian Edwards was born in England and has lived in Jamaica, New York, and California. When he was 21, he stopped working the drive thru at Burger King to try his hand at comedy. Since then he’s appeared on Def Comedy Jam (twice), Show Time at the Apollo, Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He’s written for Saturday Night Live, the Lyricist Lounge show on MTV, The Boondocks for the Cartoon Network and was a cast member on Punk’d.

UCB Stand Up Spotlight: Ian Edwards & Wyatt Cenac
Friday Aug 31 @ 9:30 PM
Upright Citizens Brigade
5919 Franklin Ave (90028)

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