LA Weekly showing some soul

Whenever I see that one of my favorite black artists in the music industry is being reviewed in the LA Weekly, I think the following to myself, “Thank you Earnest Hardy.” 9 times out of 10, he’s the guy responsible for it.

This week’s issue finds Mr. Hardy devoting some ink to Donnie’s new CD, The Daily News. While so many black artists have busied themselves perfecting their neo-soul posturing, Donnie has just been about the business–black church terminology alert!–of just making good soul music. No neo involved.

A few pages later, Matthew Fleischer has a much too brief Q&A with Femi Kuti. I’ve written about how much of a badass his father, Fela was. I can’t think of a tougher act to follow. Femi is doing his thing at The House of Blues this Friday night. Alas, I will be busying playing the role of LA hipster and doing a set at The People You’ll Like at The Fusion Cafe downtown.

Femi performs “Black Man Know Your Self.”

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