Kevin Shea hits Frisco this weekend

I was once told by someone from San Francisco that the people of the city hated the term “Frisco.” From that day on, I’ve made it my personal mission to use it as much as possible. That’s just the kind of guy I am. (My college roommate, Michael Francis Carter, put up a hell of a struggle when I began to refer to him by his middle name in public. Eventually, he succumbed to my belligerence.)

The assurance by my main man Jesse Thorn that tons of people in the Bay Area take no umbrage at all to the term “Frisco” does little to lessen the warm feeling of spiteful glee that I feel every time I type or say those words. “Suck on it apparently minuscule group of San Franciscans who actually don’t like the term ‘Frisco’!”

But this is all beside the point.

My running buddy Kevin Shea is recording a a stand up comedy CD this weekend at the legendary Purple Onion. In addition to being a funny guy, Kevin knows how to hold his own in a drunken argument, which gets bonus points in our household. Next month he’ll be a part of the huge Kims of Comedy show at The Wiltern. But more on that later.


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