I can’t decide which one is worse.

Ya’ll Must’ve Forgot
Roy Jones

Roy Jones gets points for:

-Being the baddest man in the fight game and making a rap video about it. That shit is just inherently cool.
-The “Every Breath You Take” inspired swinging heavy bags.
-That gamecock move he popped James Toney with.
-The Run DMC homage.
- Vinny Pazienza shout out!

Roy Jones loses points for:

-The skin tight, short-sleeved mock neck he’s wearing.
-Rhyming already with already.
-The shorts set. (Is he a 12-year-old? Are we at Kings Dominion?)
-Bragging about beating Reggie Johnson. Who?
-Nappy chest hair. No no homo.

Must Be the Money
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders gets points for:

-Being a two sport superstar and making a rap video about it.
-Mocking his old hairstyle.
-Was that Darryl Strawberry getting his grind on?
-“My library card is gone change into credit cards.” Rich people don’t need to borrow books.

Deion Sanders loses points for:

-I’ll just go ahead and address his buttons. What the fuck?
-S Curl.
-Suit with no shirt on.
-Finger wave sighting!
-Vest with no shirt underneath.

When you get down to it, Roy Jones is a bad rapper who made a pretty run of the mill music video. Deion committed a crime against nature.

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